Piano Nameplate

Piano Bar Evenings

April 10, 2014
The new Chatfield Community Event Center is now open, and will soon be hosting "Classical Saturdays" open to the public.
Piano Bar Evenings will be opportunities to stop at the Event Center on the way home from work, listen to live music (mostly piano), have a few refreshments* (Ken Trujillo of Pianos n' Pianos will be serving his famous home-made Chili (red or green, depending on his whim). There will be Blues night, and Oldies night--pick your poison, uh, night.  Also, Classical Saturdays will be commencing soon, with light breakfast and both live classical music and video performances by world-renowned performers.

The Event Center is very cozy venue, with small table seating.  To find out more about the Event Center and other events visit http://ChatfieldEventCenter.org/.

A schedule of the upcoming Piano Bar Evenings will be posted at the Event Center website shortly.

* a nominal fee will be charged to cover refreshment and entertainment expenses.